Six Ways To Use Cremains To Create Art That Honors The Deceased

Posted on: 16 July 2015

The popularity of cremation is on the rise as more people choose it as part of their final wishes instead of traditional burial services. Often less expensive than standard burials, it reduces the financial burden for families who have just experienced the loss of a loved one. Cremation, though, is not the final step. Once cremains are delivered, family still has to decide what to do with the ashes. For those who loved art during their lifetime, choices exist to leave a lasting artistic impression. 

Specialty artists can use portions of cremains to create artwork that literally contains a loved one. This is a perfect choice for those who loved to create art using different mediums or those who were just a little bit different. It is also a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one with a personal portrait that shows them as they were in life. 

Tattoo artists may be able to mix cremains into their ink to create a truly personalized tattoo. This is a lasting ode to a loved one who has passed. It is also easily tailored to fit both the recipient and the family member or friend being honored. It is important to speak to your tattoo artist prior to finalizing your tattoo plans, as all of them may not be comfortable with the idea. 

Those who enjoyed the finer things in life could be honored with a stained glass window created from their cremains. Pieces can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work as a wall hanging or as an actual window. 

Cremains can also be turned into unique hand blown glass products. Bowls, glasses, and vases are just a few of the choices that can be created. Choose a design that represents your loved one or a piece that has special meaning to the both of you. 

Family members that shared a loved one's artistic sensibility may choose to have cremains turned into a set of drawing pencils. Using these pencils, a loved one would still be creating art long after his or her passing. 

Sculptures made from clay or concrete mixed with cremains are a lasting memorial to a loved one. Since these can be made on a larger scale and are often heavy, they can be used outside in a garden or as a guardian on a porch or patio. 

Remember that there are many options for cremains, far beyond the simple scattering or keeping them on the shelf. Investigate your options and talk to your cremation company for more ideas. Regardless of your choice, your loved ones cremains can be used to create the perfect lasting memory that honors their place in your life and what they meant to you.  

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